How to set up professional emails for free!

In this guide, I will be showing you how to set up an account with Zoho Mail so you can create your own professional email address.
Hannah Brown
Director @ Web Hoot

In this guide, I will be showing you how to set up an account with Zoho Mail so you can create your own professional email address.


You are going to need to have the following to take part in this tutorial: 

  • A domain name
  • Access to your domain registrar account
  • Active mobile number
  • A primary email address

For this tutorial, I will be using Godaddy as my domain register and configuring the DNS settings. They will be the same configuration if you're with another domain provider like 123 reg but presented in a different GUI (graphical user interface). Follow through and you can always call our team if you get stuck.

Step 1 - Create a Zoho Mail account

Pop open your browser and type in the search bar, once you land on the homepage make sure you have the business email selected as displayed in the picture below and click the sign up for free button.

Select business email and then click the sign up for free button.

You are now going to come across 3 mail packages that Zoho offers, the one we want to select is called MAIL LITE. This allows us to create up to 5 free business email addresses with up to 5GB of storage. This is a brilliant solution as we need a professional email address to showcase professionalism towards customers and start-up costs for your business online can sometimes feel like a nightmare.

Click the signup button on the MAIL LITE package

Now enter the following information to create your account.

Enter details to create your account

Now confirm your one-time password confirmation text that was sent to your mobile.

Enter in the number that was text to your mobile

Step 2 - Connecting domain to Zoho Mail

So now you have created your Zoho Mail account and you're now on the Email Setup dashboard. We are going to need to access the domain registrar as I explained earlier in this article. I will be using Godaddy but if you are using any other it will be the same procedure.

But first, let's click on the add now button and add our domain.

Click the add now button

Enter your domain name inside the box below.

Enter your domain name.

Now login to your domain registrar account and look for your DNS settings if you are using Godaddy like myself your can click on this link once you have logged in, enter your domain, and click search.

Search your domain you want to use

Now let's open a new tab and paste this link in the browser

and then select the option to create a domain-based email account.

Select the option to create a domain-based account

Now select your domain name verification type and select manual verification

Select manual verification

Select your domain registrar, Zoho has some instructions listed you can follow if you with another domain registrar.

I'm selecting Godaddy

Now go back to Godaddy or your domain registrar and click on the domain name you are choosing to set up professional email addresses with and click add a new record.

Click the button add on the right-hand corner if you're using Godaddy.

Select the type TXT, you can also see other options you can click on to if you follow the guide in Zoho it's quite straightforward from there.

Select TXT type

And now you just copy and paste the information from Zoho onto the record.

Copy and paste the text from Zoho

I hope this guide was useful it should be a walk in the park for you to set up the rest as Zoho has a guide for you to follow within the configuration process. If you do get stuck you can always contact us we operate 24hrs as we know how important your business is to manage.

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