How to Monitor Competitors with Web Hoot Social Metadata Checker

Your competitors are attracting customers on social media but how?
Hannah Brown
Director @ Web Hoot

Your competitors are attracting customers on social media but how?

Who remembers that TV show called My Wife and Kids?

I use to love that show growing up, and I still do.

There is one particular episode called "Restaurant Wars" that led me to question why are we so competitive to be the best? 

If you remember the show, the main characters are Micheal, Jay, Junior, Clair, and the baby called Kady.

My Wife and Kids Cast

Jay opens a soul-food restaurant on the same block as a Chinese restaurant owned by the very aggressive Annie Hoo (Lauren Tom). A food fight soon breaks out over them sharing the same customers so they end up bringing their prices down to attract customers but Michel has a secret weapon which we will reveal shortly!

Jay opens a food restaurant called Jay's Soul Kitchen

Your competitors are attracting customers on social media but how? I'm sure you have heard of creating web funnels or maybe you're using them yourself.  What if you wanted to know how your competition is using social media? Web Hoots Social Meta Data Checker scans social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and the competition's website keywords.

Checking a BBC News article

It will tell you what they are doing in order to get a top page ranking on search engines. This is Micheal's secret weapon his name is called Calvin and he won't stop eating data, excuse the pun.

Micheal secret weapon Calvin

Web Hoots social media data checker is the easiest way to understand your competition. 

How would you feel if Micheal was your competitor? Check yourself and see what they're doing that's better than yours.  It may be a bitter pill for some of us, but Web Hoots Social Meta Data gives you information that can help you work on your content.

Metadata collect from BBCs website

Our tool is free to use, we mine data from many public websites and apps so if you need any data for your campaign or a CRM system that can automate tasks for you get in touch with us.

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